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With decades of tried-and-true experience in dentistry – not to mention a never-ending passion for the work – Tom keeps our patients smiling brightly with his energetic and animated personality. You'll likely hear him laughing or the sound of his fingers snapping from down the hall. His humble beginnings in dentistry came from a family connection; his oldest brother was a dentist while Tom was in grade school. Later during college, Tom would leave Chicago behind and spend the summers in Grand Prairie learning from his big brother what it meant to be a dentist. He got the opportunity to meet so many cool and wonderful people day in and day out – and the rest, as they say, is history.

“I didn’t want to be just another dentist on the corner. I came to Weatherford because I wanted to establish relationships with people.” Ask Dr. Johannsen why he set up in Weatherford, TX and he’ll tell you something along these lines. And if you’ve been one of his patients, you know this to be true.

Getting to know and care for the people around him was part of his upbringing since his Mom (from New Mexico) and Dad (from Iowa) met at a wedding. Why? The bride at this fateful wedding was his Mom’s sister, and the groom was his Dad’s brother. When both couples had kids, Dr. Johannsen became part of a super-cousin quartet who he is fortunate to have grown up with here in the DFW area. Coming from a devoted family, he looks forward to helping his family, friends and neighbors smile.
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