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Our Policy

Weatherford at Sunset

Weatherford at Sunset

Experience Weatherford is funded through HOT (Hotel Occupancy Taxes) and sponsorships. HOT funds are utilized to bring people into town to help increase the sales tax of cities.

The brand is run by a committee of city employees (making it a city-run tourism brand) working in conjunction with the Weatherford Chamber of Commerce. Hotels, motels, B&Bs tourist houses, inns and etc. are required to charge hotel occupancy taxes to those staying in their accommodations for less than 30 days.

The point is to bring people to stay (B&B, hotel and motels), shop and eat in town. The Texas Hotel & Lodging Association sets forth standards as to what funds are allowed to be spent on. Due to the fact that Experience Weatherford's goal is to bring people to town the brand only features businesses and events inside our city limits. You can find our interactive GIS maps online (https://gis.weatherfordtx.gov/map/) to see if you fall within our city limits.

The only exception for businesses outside our city limits is if their organization/nonprofit (existing outside of our city limits) directly benefits/cares for the people inside our city limits. Examples of this are Weatherford Youth Association (WYA), Weatherford ISD (WISD) and the Parker County Animal Shelter (WPCAS).

The exception for events listing is if there is a nonprofit fundraising event taking place outside of our city limits but directly benefitting the people of Weatherford the event listing will be approved.
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