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Talking about food for Italians is always a very serious thing. We dedicate a lot of time to food, because we like to look for the right ingredients in the right season and that will match the wine we have in mind or the season we are going through. We can talk about food even while we are eating, because there is always a restaurant to go to try or a recipe that is amazing or a product that at this time of the year is perfect.

Every Italian is a small Chef, as well as a football coach… we are an ancient people of deep traditions that have in their DNA crosses of many populations (all those that have poured into the Mediterranean in the last 2000 years) and this particularity makes us Some real fans.

Food for us is never a mere necessity but a real pleasure to share, food is art and culture, but it is also passion and love, it is transmission of feelings and energy.

From Zeno’s we decided to accept the challenge and to serve ‘ Italian Gourmet ‘ using as much as possible local products, those Texan or American and to use in low percentage the essential and irreplaceable ‘ must ‘ import as certain cheeses, sausages, the 00 flour, the olive oil and the wine.

Each course has three choices between vegetables, meat and fish and the menu follows the seasons especially for vegetables and the choice of fish

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